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W W W . N I A D A . C O M / F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 / 25 with NIADA's wide-ranging education agenda to create what will be without question the most comprehensive event ever presented for independent used vehicle dealers – a true one-stop shop for the best in dealer training, networking and products and services. The combined Mega- Conference joins the best of both organizations to provide the best education in the industry and the largest Expo Hall in our history, where dealers can find the solutions they need to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably. NIADA will continue the tradition of a fall NABD show, providing the same quality BHPH-specific education as past events and an Expo Hall built for the Buy Here-Pay Here dealer. The 2018 event, which will be held in Las Vegas, is still in the planning stages. While the dates and locations for future fall conferences are yet to be determined, the long-range plan is to have one of the shows each year in the East and one in the West to make it easier for dealers in all parts of the nation to get to one of these must-attend events. Shilson: The June Convention will be the largest used car conference in history. The larger show will offer more training, more experts, more resources and more insights on ways to operate successfully today. We are also planning a fall event in Las Vegas so operators in the Western part of the country can more easily travel and participate. Does the transaction create any additional educational/training opportunities for dealers? Jordan: Absolutely. Providing top-notch education to its dealer members is one of NIADA's core purposes, and the acquisition of NABD will enhance that. There will be more education available as we bring NABD's Buy Here- Pay Here expertise to bear in the Mega-Conference's expanded agenda, not to mention the fall conference, which will benefit from the addition of NIADA's experts – including national director of 20 Groups operations Chuck Bonanno, 20 Groups moderators/consultants David Brotherton, Mark Dubois and Justin Osburn, and senior vice president of legal and government affairs Shaun Petersen. In addition, we will soon re-open the Certified Master Dealer program and a brand new BHPH CMD course is in development. Shilson: The BHPH training in the June Convention will be expanded to include the very best from both the NIADA and NABD conferences. We will have more collective resources, experts and experience to participate. How does this merger affect NIADA's legislative and regulatory advocacy efforts on behalf of its members and the used vehicle industry? Jordan: First and foremost, it adds many more voices to the growing chorus of auto dealers on Capitol Hill. One of our most important jobs at NIADA is to serve as the voice of the independent dealer in Washington D.C. And nothing makes that message more powerful than speaking with a unified voice. Adding NABD's constituency, experience, insights, relationships and influence to NIADA's existing advocacy infrastructure strengthens our position as the industry's voice, which has reached new heights in recent years thanks to NIADA's increased focus on engaging in the political process. It further unifies our industry, creating more leverage in our dealings with the federal legislators and regulators who shape our nation's policy. Thanks to the tireless efforts of NIADA's leadership and government affairs team, the used vehicle industry now has a seat at the table as Congress and the administration discuss issues that can affect independent dealers and small businesses nationwide. Shilson: NABD has always been a strong supporter of NIADA's advocacy efforts. In fact, that's a primary reason we looked to NIADA as we began developing a succession plan for NABD. NIADA has done outstanding work in advocating for independent dealers and our industry during the past several years, and now that NABD is a member of the NIADA, we will continue to support and participate in those efforts as a primary initiative. What are your thoughts as you look back on almost 20 years of NABD operations? What is NABD's legacy? Are you proud of what has been accomplished? And what do you see in NABD's future? Jordan: Almost 20 years ago, Ken and Ingram found a niche in the automotive space that was largely underserved. They met that need and exceeded everyone's expectations in the process. There will always be a need for specialized BHPH training and a unique industry voice dealers can rally around. I am happy I can be a part of that in some small way. Shilson: I have devoted a major portion of my professional career to BHPH and to subprime auto finance. It has afforded me the privilege of working with many great businesspeople and successful operators. They have taught me a great deal and I am thankful for that opportunity. Together we have improved the industry's image and helped many dealers succeed. I am proud of those achievements, but I realize there is much more to be done in the future. The merger and the combined talent it brings together will make that happen. I am proud of what has been accomplished during 19 great years and I'm excited to work with NIADA for the future benefit of the used car industry. To everyone who supported NABD and made this possible, thank you. Walters: Over the past 20 years NABD has created lifelong friendships and wonderful memories, but there is reason my truck's windshield is 50 times larger than its rear-view mirror. What's behind us is important but not nearly as important as what lies ahead. What these combined groups do going forward defines who we are. We have a strong and unified goal – helping independent dealers achieve their goals – and that goal will never be abandoned. NIADA will work with Ken in providing top-notch analytical data, including the annual BHPH benchmarks, for the industry. Shilson: I will continue to provide subprime auto finance benchmarks through my affiliate, Subprime Analytics. The merger will also allow me to develop other data for NIADA initiatives. I will include operating data and trends from other sources, such as 20 groups, and financial information from my old CPA firm, SGC. We hope to expand the content of the reports in the future. What will change for NABD members? Shilson: The combined conferences will be larger, providing NABD's members with more networking opportunities and a larger Expo Hall offering access to more of the resources they need to compete in today's highly competitive environment. And NABD dealers who become members of NIADA will have access to the many member benefits and services provided by the association. NABD is excited to see the BHPH footprint expanded and enhanced. Every member will benefit. Walters: The combination of NIADA and NABD is truly a case of one plus one equaling five, and independent dealers will benefit from it. Together, we'll create the total package for the used vehicle industry. From the guy with a gravel lot selling five cars a month to the mega-chain independent dealers, from the one-lot Buy Here-Pay Here dealer to the high-line luxury dealer to the Internet-only warehouse dealer – all will be winners as a result of this. What can we expect from the combined NIADA/ NABD Convention and Expo? How will it be different than the NIADA and NABD events of past years? And what kind of plans are in the works for the fall conference? Jordan: Merging the NABD National BHPH Conference with the NIADA Convention and Expo blends the power of NABD's BHPH knowledge C O N T I N U E D F R O M PAG E 2 3

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