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FEB 2018

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/ F E B R U A R Y 2 0 1 8 / W W W . N I A D A . C O M 44 throughout the park. Perhaps the restaurant my colleagues and I visited had one color menu for first-time guests and a different color for previous customers. What is your dealership's story? How do you tell it to your prospects and customers? When we think of telling our story to compete, we are often unsure of what that story is, who to tell it to and how to tell it. Your story starts inside the walls of your business, and the business thrives on your ability to tell a story that emotionally connects with your prospects. Your story is dependent on you to express it, and your team is watching for coherence. Let's illustrate that inside a dealership. What are our thoughts when a prospect comes through the door dragging three kids? Do we throw a coloring book and a box of crayons at them and pray the babysitter is on the way so we can focus on the sale? Or do we design ways to mesh with the parents' desires? Their desires are for others to see their children as very important. We certainly spend a lot of time training on how to "sell" the parents, but is it important to provide leadership and direction to our team on the importance of the children? That is just one example of endless opportunities to separate yourself from the competition by focusing on the key drivers from the prospects' vantage point. Your internal culture is set up (by default or by design, you decide) long before the external customer experience is determined. Your internal processes and culture will ultimately dictate the quality of service and the experience your customers are receiving. That is a great thing, because many dealers would like one day to retire, sell the business, hand it down to their children or just serve on the board. Shoot, from talking to my 20 Group members, I've found many dealers just want to take a long vacation from the chaos at their lot. The next day back in the training room, we all discussed that and many other significant moments we witnessed in the park. Tom brought the conversation back to customers for life. He challenged us to create ways to offer exceptional customer service and to embed it into our daily operations, keeping customer key drivers in focus. That "moment" was created and designed. It is very clear what the Disney story is and that act illustrated it beautifully. You see, Disney had prepared for those moments. They offered guests a Happy Birthday button to wear on their shirts as they entered the park. That button, a designed gift, was also a signal to thousands of team members, alerting them about the birthday. Well played. Our trainer would never have been able to provide that moment if a team had not created the button process as a way to communicate birthdays C O N T I N U E D F R O M PAG E 4 2 BY JUSTIN M. OSBURN Justin Osburn is a moderator, consultant and trainer for NIADA Dealer 20 Groups, offering more than a decade of experience in retail and Buy Here-Pay Here executive management. He can be reached at By intentionally laying the foundation of your values and customer key drivers, the dealership is being prepared for every current and future team member to recognize and support those values – your story. I'd love to hear the creative ways you share your story with your team and customers. What are your key drivers for guest satisfaction? Send me your stories at To receive my article "Answer MY Questions", email me with the subject line "MY questions" and I'll send it over. Go to and click on the Scholarships link to get more information, or contact Jacinda Timmerman at or 800-682-3837. NIADA Foundation Scholarship Applications are now available. D E A D L I N E I S M A R C H 1 6 , 2 0 1 8 4 Regional $3,500 Scholarships to be awarded in June 2018 1 National $10,000 Scholarship to Northwood University

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